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  • It wouldn't be a Gabba Test without a storm interruption

    Anthony Sharwood, 8 December 2021

    The covers have been dragged over the pitch and play suspended around 3 pm local time (4 pm AEDT ) as the inevitable storms lash The Gabba on day one of the first Ashes Test between Australia and England in Brisbane.

    Image: Gabba gonna be the Gabba. Source: @quentinj94 via Instagram.

    We say "inevitable" because over the years, some absolutely cracking storms have interrupted Test match cricket at The Gabba. Remember this one in 1998?

    While there was always a strong likelihood of showers and storms across southeast Queensland today, it wasn't clear even at 2:55 pm local time that the storms would strike the Gabba.

    At 2:55 pm local time, the radar looked like this. The Gabba (the red pin) was just on the edge of the belt of storms.

    But the storms quickly drifted eastwards, and rain was soon falling at the ground.

    The good news is that the storms are fast-moving and rain is not too heavy, so there's every likelihood that play will resume today and Australia will have a bat.

    And for those interested in the cricket score, England has been bowled out for 147 after winning the toss, electing to bat and losing a wicket with the first ball of the match for just the second time in more than a century of battles between the two nations.

    New Aussie captain Pat Cummins took five wickets.